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 Remote Access Software

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Remember the good old days when computers were basic?
The joy of working out how to do something, whether it was coding your first basic program, setting up a local network, or building your first computer - didn't it feel great when you finally solved the challenge?

Fast forward to today, and the IT world has changed dramatically. Technology is growing more powerful every day. With it, we are seeing more sophisticated IT challenges and powerful cyber-attacks costing IT companies millions, and the problem is only going to get worse!

That's why it's never been as important to be in the IT space right now.
We need IT superheroes to bring their energy, passion, and enthusiasm to solve these new, bigger IT challenges, together. The power of IT connects people, saves lives, and empowers businesses to thrive in the world today and in the future!

Join us, Itarian

IT Operation Platform

ITarians excel together with the power of CPU

C: for the Command of our service through one IT operating platform
P: for the Passion that drives us to solve the world's most pressing IT challenges
U: for the Unity we have by sharing our experiences to empower each other

To solve the world's most pressing challenges, we need to be unified. Being separated by different technology platforms means more time, money, and energy are being wasted because of the complexity in communicating with each other and not sharing our intelligence.

Sharing information can be the difference between success and failure.

Instead of dispersing our efforts, imagine what we can achieve by focusing on solving the world's most pressing problems together;

Let us help you to excel

We get why its hard to excel in the IT industry today:

  • It's hard to be successful with limited resources, IT vendors' high prices, and the new problems that new technology brings globally
  • The problem has been exacerbated by the fact we have been siloed instead of working together
  • Almost all IT vendors want to charge you upfront for these essential IT applications; why pay for old technology?
Shouldn't you get value first before being charged?

How would you feel if you had just one IT platform to manage everything you needed? Just think - you can avoid the stress of having to integrate and manage multiple platforms, saving both time and money!

Join us, Itarian IT Management Software

IT Management Solutions

In addition, ITarian provides all the IT management and business automation applications you need!

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Remote Access and Control
  • Patch Management
  • Service Desk and Ticketing
  • Automated Scripts

We provide everything you need to be successful. ITarian gives you the freedom to use your money in other areas, including security, employee count, and/or money for that vacation!

Feels liberating, right? Unleash your power by tapping into our pool of IT expertise to solve all your clients' problems. Through our partnership, you can get the business you always dreamed of!

Begin your journey and join the ITarian movement today!

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